Monday, May 10, 2010

DJ JS-1 - One Of The Best Yet (Guru Tribute Mix)

On a day when we get some more news about that slimy muthafucka Solar in the form of some self incriminating emails, we also get another fine tribute to the icon known as Guru...

Rocksteady Crew member DJ JS-1 throws together an impressive, 93 track mix of Guru's catalog that clocks in at over 2 hours worth of music...In taking on this task JS also had a few things to say about Guru tributes in general and why he did this:

I have never done a tribute mix before and personally never felt the need to do one. Many times when someone passes away, everyone does a tribute mix and it's basically an attempt to bring attention to their own name, sell a few mixtapes, etc… Especially the djays who don't normally support or play music from the artist who passed away. A few corny radio stations that NEVER play any guru records were playing his songs all day when he died, and then right back to Wocka Flocka the next day…

When i found out Guru had died i was miserable for a few reasons. First, i'm always miserable, lol, second because Guru is easily one of the few MC's i have listened to the most in my lifetime. The countless songs and style of music he helped pioneer along with dj premier, is pretty much the reason why any of us who still play "real" hiphop are still around. Can you imagine a world without Gangstarr albums? I might have killed myself in 89 instead of 2011.

LOL, JS is that dude...enjoy.


DJ JS-1 - One Of The Best Yet (Guru Tribute Mix)

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