Monday, May 24, 2010

Single: Chali 2na ft. J-Live - Across The Map

Tryin to flip up or rock over an Oriental/Asian sample has long been a practice only either the most or least skilled in the game undertake...Lol, literally, I've never heard just an okay sounding joint that has a sound like either gon' hate the shit outta the record or dig it tuff...this time out J-Live and Chali 2na provide us with a track that's more of the latter...

Be sure to check this...Live goes in somethin fierce when he starts speaking on demographics in underground Hip-Hop...the baritone former J 5er showed up too, but sorry, J owned this one...

Chali's new "Fish Market Pt. 2", from which "Across The Map" is plucked, drops June 8th.


Chali 2na ft. J-Live - Across The Map

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