Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Say What? Bobby Brown Edition

Above are the visuals from four days ago @ Jacksonville, FLA's Funk Fest concert...Apparently fans knew that New Edition would be performing but what they didn't know was that Bobby Brown would be proposing to his longtime girlfriend and the mother of his newest 11-month old child, Alicia Etheridge...

Hmmmm...Okay look, I'm not some horrible kill joy (lol, yes I am), plenty of me is happy for Bobby. I mean he's (reportedly) sober, back touring and VH1 prolly just cut him a nice check for that Celebrity Fit Club season he did.....All that said, is another marriage really what duke needs at this point? He's 41 and still has a daughter from his previous marriage to the woman formerly known as Whitney Houston. Why not just chill on having kids and try to be the best dad you can to the one that's already here my dude? If my estimations from when "Being Bobby Brown" was on air are correct, Bobbi Kristina should be 17 yrs. old now--a critical age for a daughter to have the steadfast guidance of a positive male figure in her life.

Lol @ Ralph wasting no time in asking Bobby if this one was forever. Classic asshole friend move. Honestly many of us are just as sub-consciously skeptical. Then again, if Bobby really has put his substance abuse problems (and his passing out on Super Head's couch problems) behind him and is legitimatly trying to turn his life around, I guess having a new relationship marriage couldn't be the worst thing for him. Unfortunately my instincts just tell me this is just one of those announcements that mainly brings plenty of happiness in the moment....I'm rooting for Bobby to prove me wrong though.


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