Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cover Art/Pic: Boogie - It's All Good (Picture Essay/Book)

When done well in Hip-Hop and urban settings, photography can speak volumes....In his new picture essay "It's All Good", photog Boogie takes your cornea's on a journey through some of the roughiest locale's in NYC, including the Bushwick section of Brooklyn and home to the largest projects in the world, Long Island City Queens' Queensbridge Houses.

Dogged and forthright, Boogie's black and white flicks evoke a certain type of beauty and realism that few people ever get to capture and millions see everyday around them...

Do yaself a favor and pick this joint up, it's available via Powerhouse Books NYC here

spotted by one of the culture's true contemporaries and my fellow record diggin' fanatic Drasar Monumental


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