Thursday, May 13, 2010

Video Interview: Bilal For Centric TV

Sporting a dreaded Fro hawk, the crooner who once was thee most promising Neo-Soul artist around, AKA Bilal talks about his new album "Air Tight's Revenge" on Plug Research.

Uhhh, for some reason Centric I guess decided that doing an interview in Times Square was wassup, lol, I think I woulda decided not to film there in light of recent events, call me crazy....Surprisingly, Bilal sounds really spacey first issue is taken with his new disdain for his former music being labeled "Neo-Soul"...SMH..I hate when artists do that; no one's trying to put you in a box man, Neo Soul was one of the best new sub genre's out, we're paying you a compliment, fuck the overly arty farty attitude...

Enjoy the interview, the last several mintues of which, after Bilal gives a bunch of rushed, one word answers, is dedicated to his love of "people watching" AKA not doing shit and staring at people in crowded places...


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