Thursday, May 20, 2010

Video: Nas & Damian Marley Perform Live On Leno

Although Leno never used to show any worthwhile urban artists any type of love back in the day (and still really don't), in 2010 I guess he figures whatever acts get him those ratings and keeps him in the seat that he cuts other men's throats for are good to go...

Yeah I said it, I am no fan of the chin whatsoever..the way he conducts bidness is suspect to say the least.

Who I am a fan of is Nasir and Damian, who if your not aware just dropped a really decent collab album this past tuesday titled "Distant Relatives"...Here they kill a lil' micro performance of "As We Enter"...they're still on world tour and if you'd like to catch them live you can peep the dates here...looks like Arcata, CA, Eugene, OR, Seattle, WA, Oakland, CA all got next as Nas and Damian hit the west coast.


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