Saturday, July 3, 2010

Video Interview: 9th Wonder & David Banner A Night With Peter Rosenberg

Continuing on with his uber-dope and very Inside The Actor's Studio (With Rosenberg playing the role of Lipton, lol) meets Hip-Hop type series, Peter Rosenberg sits down with new collaborators 9th Wonder and David Banner for some serious talk about their upcoming project "Death Of A Pop Star".

Honestly, I'm less than elated about Banner being the next MC that 9th works with...He's a decent artist, but on the real, I don't really mess with his music on the level like that and at times during the interview he came off foolish to me (oh you were gunning for Nas huh? SMH, shut up dude). Nevertheless, he makes some valid points here as well as 9th does too. I am somewhat excited about the new project, lol, about 50% excited about it, lol...take that as you will.


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Dope, chek out my beats dawg