Monday, May 3, 2010

Interview: Roc Marciano For (Pt.2)

We're still ready and waiting for Strong Island rap vet Roc Marciano's new solo debut album; "Marcburg", and trust me, when it drops in 2 more weeks the world of Hip-Hop is gonna get a nice re-introduction to hardcore NY boom bap...wait patiently, it'll be worth it.

Robbie of is already hip to just how nasty Roc came this time around and has re-interviewed him again to get even more insight on how he's created this solid LP...

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Robbie: Are you happy with the way the album’s come together?

Roc Marciano: Oh yeah, man. I saw the project through the way I wanted to do it. I drove the ship from beginning to end – I’m definitely happy about that.

Robbie: Did leaving the SRC deal provide more creative control on the project?

Roc: Exactly. I mean I had creative control anyway – I was driving the ship over at SRC! Wasn’t really no difference, there just no politics with this [Fat Beats situation], so that was a beautiful thing.

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