Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Interview: Bobbito Garcia & RiRi Garcia For Shook Mag

Catch up with renowned DJ, writer, radio personality, sneaker enthusiast and on this day returning label head; Bobbito Garcia, as C-Rob of UK based Shook Magazine invades an in store appearance that DJ Cucumber Slice was doing in LES @ Academy Records to promote his latest label Alala Records.....

Those of you that enjoyed Bob's initial label venture Fondle Em' Records; an imprint that basically birthed underground Hip-Hop, know how big it is that he's back on the scene. Just like Fondle Em' he will be putting music out only through vinyl 7" releases...Illy.

Before we get to hear what Kool Bob Love has been up to and how he's wandered back into the label business after a 2 year hiatus, we get to speak with RiRi Garcia (no relation to Bob) one of Alala Records' artists and how the Internet/social networking as well as Bob's liking of one of her tracks sort of birthed their alliance.



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