Saturday, May 8, 2010

News: Hip-Hop’s New Business Model: Major-Label Rappers Stay ‘Independent’

In this revealing piece done by's Ericka Ramierez, we're given a bit of insight into yet another troubling and decieving trend that would make Nikki Minaj's butt pad's shutter...

I guess the new thing for major label artists to do is pretend, posture and prose as if they're still indie acts...all in the name of scoring points with us--the savvy consumer...SMH..Dig in..


With his independently released mixtape So Far Gone, Drake went from digital dynamo (2,000 downloads in ten minutes) to Grammy nominee all before he signed on any dotted lines. Or maybe not: While a major-label bidding war supposedly raged, rumor had it that he was already signed to Young Money/Universal. Either way, the excitement around his quick, seemingly unassisted rise translated into true stardom. And today, a number of up-and-coming rappers, eager to re-create his magic, are at pains to represent themselves as boot-strapping independent artists — even when they’ve got freshly inked major-label deals.

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