Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Single: Chace Infinite ft. Planet Asia & Krondon - Book & Pistol (prod. by DJ Khalil)

As Chace Infinite once again destroys another beat that his Self Scientific counterpart DJ Khalil neglected to throw his way (this beat is from that GTA: China Town Wars video game), you all get a glimpse into the new west...

Recruiting frequent west coast collaborators Krondon and Planet Asia, Chace and company paint a an intelligently grim picture that seems like it adequately describes many of my generation's woes...The streets love ish' like this b/c it's got the power and respect that a gun commands as well as the knowledge and equal power a book can yield...Perfectly titled if you ask me...

props to The Math Files on that there link.


Chace Infinite ft. Planet Asia & Krondon - Book And Gun

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