Thursday, May 6, 2010

Video: Ras Kass Performs "Soul On Ice" Remix Live @ L.A.'s Bike Day

If you weren't around when Ras was dropping his debut album "Soul On Ice" I feel for ya...It was a time when Hip-Hop's potential seemed boundless...especially lyrically..

The 96' gem of an album has been heralded as many things; "the west coast Illmatic", "classic", "slept-on", etc., but one thing that is frequently overlooked is the royal remix treatment the title track got from D.I.T.C. legend Diamond D...

Diamond re-worked the joint that was originally produced by a guy named Bird, and came out with a straight up remix classic, the likes of which Pete Rock would grin at. Ras was recently spotted performing a bit of the remix at L.A.'s Bike Day.


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